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How to Solve Problems In Business

In business, you are going to face tonnes of problems. Often, you won’t see them coming and so thinking on your feet becomes a very important skill. In this episode, we discuss, from our own experiences, our best tips for dealing with these problems.

How to Find Your Passion

So many people say “I don’t know what my purpose is”. They see finding their purpose, or passion, as this monumental event in which their whole life comes together. This is unrealistic and can cause unnecessary frustration in a lot of people. In this episode, we discuss better ways to think about this idea and our best tips. Hope you enjoy!


The Why Behind Growth to Greatness

In his book ‘Start with Why’, Simon Sinek revealed the golden circle. The most inner part of the golden circle was ‘Why’. This is where Simon recommends people start in business. We want to build a deep connection with you listeners, so we felt that it was about time we told you our why. In today’s episode, we talk about how the idea came out, why we started the podcast, our goals for it, and more. We hope you enjoy!


Ben Nyarko on How To Get on The Property Ladder, The Importance of Self Belief and More

Have you always wondered about how it is possible to get onto the property ladder? Prices in cities such as London are ridiculous, right? Our special guest today, Ben Nyarko, talks about how you can get onto the property ladder and much more! Mr Nyarko is a veteran in the property field; a number one property sales agent and the director of his very own agency, We Can Properties! Tune in to this great episode, to learn more.