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Social media is a very powerful tool and a massive part of our lives. The problem is the majority of people simply waste time on there. In this episode, we discuss our 3 best tips for getting more out of social media.

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Can Money Buy You Happiness?

In this episode we will explore the debate surrounding money and happiness, giving our answer to the question! We will explore the importance of both factors and their role in living a content and fulfilled life.

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How to Win Bad Days

Every one of us is going to have many bad days to come. Days where we lack motivation and struggle to work effectively. These days are as, if not more important than the good days. By compound interest, over time small gains will grow into huge results. Therefore, it is important to grow even a tiny amount on these bad days so that we don’t interrupt this process. On this episode, we discuss our best tips for conquering these bad days.

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Start Challenging Yourself

Too many people go through life, never leaving their comfort zone. At times, we are all guilty of this. We get comfortable and naturally become anxious when thinking about change. If you feel that this is you, then you need to change. You need to start challenging yourself more as when you step out of your comfort zone, you will experience amazing amounts of growth.

How to Have a Better Work-Life Balance

It is very common for driven individuals to go all-in on the grind. In the long run, this can lead to their life being controlled by work. It is important, for our well-being and happiness that we have a life outside of work. On this episode, we discuss how to strike this balance between grinding to achieve your wildest ambitions, but also having time to enjoy life.

How to Be More Lucky

A lot of people complain that they are unlucky. In truth, luck focuses on a single event, but the process is more important. Rather than waiting for a lucky break, you should be playing the game more, to increase your odds of winning.

How to Find Your Passion

So many people say “I don’t know what my purpose is”. They see finding their purpose, or passion, as this monumental event in which their whole life comes together. This is unrealistic and can cause unnecessary frustration in a lot of people. In this episode, we discuss better ways to think about this idea and our best tips. Hope you enjoy!